Floral greeting card with Wanoiki stamps

Hello. It’s Rainy season here hydrangea flowers are in full bloom in the park and on the street. it has been mostly very humid rainy and cloudy but sometimes we have a bright sunny day. today we are going to show some beautiful floral greeting cards.

Floral themed stamps are very useful for many occasions. Designing a layout with seasonal flower stamps is one of the most enjoyable times on card making.

there are many options for coloring flowers such as using watercolor, stamping, color pencils, markers.

greeting cards (made with wanoiki clear stamps)


These beautiful card (御祝 sentiment means congratulations)are made by Chibikaze for the  CHA. She is writing about her card making on Mariko Brown’s blog [MB in SD] in this post on June 7th.  


she says she uses MEMENTO inkpad and COPIC for coloring. very beautiful and outstanding!


The stamps she used in this card are below; Big flowers stamp set.


Other cards she made with this stamp set are here.


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Wanoiki greeting card ideas in May

It is good season to go walk around. Although the rainy season is approaching day by day, so little bit more humid than other season here but even on a rainy day, Japanese garden is beautiful.

Today, we are going to show some greeting card ideas using this Wanoiki stamp set, KOI.


The ponds are one of the essential element of Japanese garden, plants and carps make beautiful natural strokes on the water surface. This stamp set also includes hydrangea flower stamps and tiny frog and snails. A sentiment stamp is for Mid-summer greeting in Japanese.


Greeting card with Wanoiki KOI stamp set
Wanoiki KOI (carps, Nishiki-goi) stamp set


These greeting card design accommodate with various situation. the ponds stamps are very good combination with watercolor coloring.


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Traditioal fan(Oogi) stamps for cardmaking

We Wanoiki have various clear stamps of Oogi (Traditional fan), every stamp sets will go well on each and make greeting cards very gorgeous and beautiful, so its good  for the occasions such as celebration.  Kotobuki(寿) means Congratulations, Best wishes.

Wanoiki clear stamp set “Kotobuki”.

wanoiki clear stamp set -Kotobuki-

beautiful details and gorgeous motif for formal celebration.


fun to color!


More greeting card samples.


These fan stamps are from this Oogi stamp set

Wanoiki clear stamps -Oogi-


The flower stamp above is from this Oogi & Flower stamp set


All of Wanoiki clear stamps are in good color combination with tradittional origami paper”Chiyogami (Yuzen Washi Origami)”



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Greeting Card ideas for Spring

Wanoiki clear stamp “FUJI”


Spring is just around the corner.

We are going to introduce beautiful handmade greeting cards made by @chibikaze029.She is very talented woman she made a lots of fabulous greeting cards using by Wanoiki original clear stamps [Wanoiki.com] and showing us the beauty of traditional Japanese design.

Birthday card (wanoiki clear stamps)

These cherry blossom (Sakura) stamps are from “Wanoiki clear stamps-Bunny

WANOIKI Crear Stamps -Bunny
Thank you card  (wanoiki clear stamps)
greeting card (wanoiki clear stamps)

These mt.Fuji stamps are from “Wanoiki clear stamps-Fuji

wanoiki clear stamps “Fuji”

more bautiful flower greeting card design.

thank you card (wanoiki stamps)
greeting card for celebration (wanoiki stamps)

This flower is from “Wanoiki clear stamps-Kotobuki

wanoiki clear stamp “Kotobuki”

and the ribbon is from “Wanoiki clear stamps -Wa Ribbon & Kotobuki

wanoiki clear stamp “wa ribbon and Kotobuki”

These Wanoiki clear stamps matching so perfect for each other! Thanks again @chibikaze029, for making such a beautiful card samples for us!


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Pavilio Lace Tapes

Today we are going to introduce New Lace Tapes “Pavilio mini”.

It’s a beautiful decorative lace tape which made in Japan. You can use these lace tapes in many occasions such like card making, gift wrapping and party decoration.  These lace tapes are water-resistant, so you can use these on a gardening tools, shampoo bottles.

pavilio mini tapes
pavilio mini tapes

the beautiful lace tapes can be a good choice for decoration especially on a transparent box.

pavilio mini tapes

Using pavilio lace tapes on a jar is fun to make. you can decorate a vase with many colors so easy to go well in good combination with flower.

pavilio mini tapes on jar
pavilio mini tapes on wooden pinch

Easy tips to decorate tealight candles.

pavilio mini tapes

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Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cats) Cards

The Maneki-neko (Lucky cats) is a Japanese fugurine (lucky charm) which is often believed to bring good luck, money and business prosperty.

It is one of the best surveniors for foreigners.

Maneki-neko cards are ideal for

It is ideal as a congratulatory message card or a card wishing one’s happiness.


There is unique and cute Maneki-neko with “heart”, orginally designed by “wanoiki”.wanoiki_manekineko_2


The stamps which are used for above cards are below.WA-005

There are 4 types of Maneki-neko.  All of them are very cute.  We are sure that these Maneki-neko will bring you happiness.

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Making cards with Fireworks Stamps

Summer in Japan,  it is time for FIREWORKS!!

FIREWORKS FESTIVALS are held in throughout Japan.

Colorful fireworks in the dark sky.  It is so beautiful.


This is a card using fireworks stamps.

We use colorful inks and make colorful fireworks.  We use lots of vivid and cheerful colors.

This card is created by a designer.

The motif are fireworks and elegant townscapes of KYOTO!

It is golden fireworks!  Gold and clear emboss powder is used.



These cards are made using the below stamps.


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