Introduction of WA NO IKI items from CP Japan (CropParty)

Welcome to beautiful “WA”( Japanese style) concept.We offer Japanese stationeries and items for paper crafts and scrapbooking.Our “WA” concept items are produced based on Japanese technology and Japanese design.
First appearance in the world. Offer ONLY FOR YOU, the recipient of this email!You can use just like decorative masking tape.You can cut by hand! PP material. About 12m in one roll. 24 kinds we have now.

Coming more designs and colors soon.

RRP $4.99 and wholesale (export) price $2.5 per piece.

designed by a Japanese “KIMONO” designer.Ideal stamps for making “WA” (Japanese style) tasted cards.Enjoy beautiful designs with motifs from Japanese four seasons.
We sell Japanese paper with colored figures and Ink with Japanese color.You can create a piece of work totally coordinated with Japanese taste.
If you want to be our re-seller in your country,please fill in the information form and order form and send it to
If you have any questions, please also send to © 2015 和の粋 All Right Reserved.



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