“ORIGAMI” is famous in Japan.  There are many type of paper for ORIGAMI.

One of them is Japanese traditional paper (WASHI) called “CHIYOGAMI”, the paper which has wonderfully decorative patterns on it.   Its surface is not smooth like oridnaly paper, but it has rough texture.  The CHIYOGAMI which we sell is made by hand with very traditional Japanese method.  It is original WASHI texture with trasitonal Japanese pattern designs.  We believe you love these YUZEN CHIYOGAMI.

(Washi is one of the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage objects.)

wanoiki_washi_origami01 wanoiki_washi_origami02 wanoiki_washi_origami03 You can buy these CHIYOGAMI from our shopping site:×6%22-p-8845.html

Thank you!


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