Pavilio Lace Tapes

Today we are going to introduce New Lace Tapes “Pavilio mini”.

It’s a beautiful decorative lace tape which made in Japan. You can use these lace tapes in many occasions such like card making, gift wrapping and party decoration.  These lace tapes are water-resistant, so you can use these on a gardening tools, shampoo bottles.

pavilio mini tapes
pavilio mini tapes

the beautiful lace tapes can be a good choice for decoration especially on a transparent box.

pavilio mini tapes

Using pavilio lace tapes on a jar is fun to make. you can decorate a vase with many colors so easy to go well in good combination with flower.

pavilio mini tapes on jar
pavilio mini tapes on wooden pinch

Easy tips to decorate tealight candles.

pavilio mini tapes

Thank you for visiting!



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