Floral greeting card with Wanoiki stamps

Hello. It’s Rainy season here hydrangea flowers are in full bloom in the park and on the street. it has been mostly very humid rainy and cloudy but sometimes we have a bright sunny day. today we are going to show some beautiful floral greeting cards.

Floral themed stamps are very useful for many occasions. Designing a layout with seasonal flower stamps is one of the most enjoyable times on card making.

there are many options for coloring flowers such as using watercolor, stamping, color pencils, markers.

greeting cards (made with wanoiki clear stamps)


These beautiful card (御祝 sentiment means congratulations)are made by Chibikaze for the  CHA. She is writing about her card making on Mariko Brown’s blog [MB in SD] in this post on June 7th.  


she says she uses MEMENTO inkpad and COPIC for coloring. very beautiful and outstanding!


The stamps she used in this card are below; Big flowers stamp set.


Other cards she made with this stamp set are here.


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